Professional DJ ServicesWhat to Generally Expect From Professional DJ Services

When you decide to work with professional DJ services, there is a good bit of planning that goes into the process. You’ll have set lists to figure out, deadlines to have paperwork and contracts signed by, and more. Let’s look at some things to expect when you work with a DJ:

Master of Ceremonies Service if Planned

If you’ve hired professional DJ services for your wedding, be sure to ask if they’ll be providing master of ceremonies services as well. Sometimes this is included, other times it isn’t, so it’s always best to ask. You wouldn’t want to suddenly realize that you have music provided, but no one to announce couples or walk you through the reception ceremony.

DJ Equipment Provided Along with Set Up/Take Down

Typically, all DJ equipment is provided for the wedding reception and ceremony, as well as the set up and take down services. When you’re working with professional DJ services, you won’t have to worry about moving equipment, setting anything up, or how it gets from one place to another. Instead, you can just focus on the thing you should be worried about — your wedding day. This allows you to relax and enjoy your special event.

Music for Ceremony

The DJ will work with you in advance to plan a list of songs for various parts of the ceremony. You’ll have songs for when various members of the family walk down the aisle, a song indicating that the bride is about to enter, and a song for your or your partner to walk down the aisle to. You and your partner can work out these songs in advance with your DJ, forming a set list. You may even be able to choose specific versions of the songs, so that you have your favorite composers, melodies, and are able to truly enjoy your favorite music on your big day.

Music for Reception

When you work with professional DJ services, you can also collaborate on a set list for the reception. This list can include songs that you’d like to have played as specific family members enter, a song for when the newly married couple enters, and more. The DJ is experienced at putting together this type of list, and will be able to advise you about the type of music that usually works well. In addition, you can work on a do not play list, adding songs that you do not want played at the wedding at all. This might include songs that were special to you with ex-partners, songs that have previously been played at funerals in your family, or songs that you have other negative emotional connections to.

Working with a DJ adds pizzazz to your wedding and makes it an event that everyone will remember. When you want music that those involved are sure to enjoy, consider working with a professional DJ service. They’ll know just what you’ll need to make your day special, so that everyone is happy and entertained.

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