Corporate DJ HireWhat to Look for in a Corporate DJ Hire

If you’re planning an awards dinner or corporate holiday party, you may need a corporate DJ hire. If so, you’ll need to find one who’s used to working executive dinners and has the correct skills for the job. A general DJ or a wedding DJ may not have the correct skills to properly handle a business dinner in an appropriate manner.

As you evaluate DJs, look for the following skills:

MC Services as Necessary

When you’re searching for a corporate DJ hire, one of the first things that you’ll want is a DJ who can provide MC services as necessary. At corporate thank you parties and holiday parties, there are often awards to be given out and door prizes to be given away. You’ll want a DJ who can not only play music, but who has a clear, fun presence on the microphone while announcing names and numbers for these types of events.

Ability to Maintain a Fun Entertaining Atmosphere

You’ll also want an individual who’s performed at these types of occasions before, and knows how to work a room to maintain a fun atmosphere. Boring jokes or simply reading lists of names and numbers will lose the interest of your crowd quickly, and you’ll find that your employees will remember the party as the worst ever, no matter what music you play or what food you serve. Instead, seek out a corporate DJ hire that has experience working corporate events and knows how to shake up a crowd a little bit.

Songs That Employees will be able to Recognize

When the DJ is playing music, ensure that they are playing music that your employees will recognize. If you primarily employ younger individuals, then play their style of music. If your employees are older, play more classic tunes. If you have a mixture, ensure that the DJ is playing a mixture of songs. You’ll need to give the DJ a bit of information about your employee demographics so that they can do a good job with this, but it’s crucial to the party going well. After all, no one wants to get up and dance if they’re not familiar with any of the music being played.

Music That’s Appropriate for a Work Environment

In addition, ensure that your corporate DJ hire understands that they’ll need to stick to music that’s appropriate for a work environment. You don’t want to hit the office Monday morning only to realize that you have to write employees up for sexual harassment due to dancing caused by songs that could have been avoided in the first place. Instead, simply speak to the DJ and explain the situation in advance, so that you’ll know that the issue will be avoided. Then you and everyone involved can have a fun evening on the dance floor.

When you’re looking for a corporate DJ hire, it’s important to choose carefully so that your business is well represented. Use the tips above to decide on someone that suits your company well.



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