DJ AlbuquerqueTips to Rent a DJ Albuquerque

Planning a wedding is stressful and hectic, and choosing a DJ is no exception. When you need to rent a DJ in Albuquerque, consider the following tips:

Be Extremely Specific About Your Price Range

As you interview DJs, it’s best to be honest as you discuss rates. Otherwise, you’re going to be spending a lot of time talking to and interviewing professionals that are either far below or far above your budget. Instead, set a budget, stick to it, and work to rent a DJ Albuquerque that is within it. This way everyone gets precisely what they want, and everyone leaves satisfied.

Discuss Your Preferences in Advance

Once you’ve settled on a few DJs that are within your price range, spend some time discussing your preferences in advance. Are you looking for a calm, laid back announcer, or are you looking for a comedy genius? Do you need lights, sound, and a full laser show on the dance floor that goes late into the night, or just someone to play a few songs for a casual outdoor event? Discussing these preferences well in advance of your wedding is extremely important, so spend some time several months ahead of your wedding going over them with potential DJs.

Ask About Requests

For many guests, weddings are extremely romantic events. It is crucially important to them that they be able to request “their song” and play it for the love of their life, all while reminiscing and swooning on the dance floor, and not being able to is a bit of a problem. Ask ahead of time if your DJ takes requests, and if they don’t, be prepared with a painted sign that fits your wedding theme, is highly visible, and reads something like “Sorry, No Requests”. This will nip this problem in the bud, while keeping your DJ from being constantly being annoyed by a stream of hopeless romantics.

Get Lists to Your DJ as Early As Possible

For your wedding and reception to flow as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to provide your DJ with lists. Lists of songs to play for the ceremony, lists for songs to play at the reception, lists of songs to avoid, lists of songs to avoid unless he wants to start WWIII. It’s absolutely crucial when you’re attempting to rent a DJ in Albuquerque that you get these lists to the professional as soon as humanly possible. This allows them to see that you’re an organized client, but it also helps them to gather any custom or specialized pieces of music well in advance of your special day. This way, if you want to walk down the aisle to a specific arrangement, you have a better chance of actually doing so.

When it’s time to attempt to rent a DJ in Albuquerque for your wedding, choose a DJ that’s willing to work with your preferences and desires, is within your price range, and is skilled at their craft. This will allow your wedding to go off without any issues.

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