Times You Need a DJ for Party EventsTimes You Need a DJ for Party Events

When you’re planning a party, there are times you can get by with playing your own music, and then there are times that you really just need to hire a professional.

Specific times that you need a DJ for party events include:

Planning a Wedding

Typically, weddings that have receptions afterwards need a DJ for the party events that occur. The DJ typically acts as the MC, walking the wedding guests through the couple’s first dance, announcing them as man and wife, and all of the additional special events that occur throughout the wedding. The DJ is a crucial part of the wedding, making sure that the event proceeds smoothly.

Milestone Birthday Party

At a large teenage birthday party, like a Sweet 16 party or even a 21st birthday party, the DJ for party events is far more about the music. There may be some announced breaks for opening gifts, cutting cake or additional activities, but typically the DJs job is simply to keep the music going and the party happening for as long as the company has been hired to play for. This makes the event a little easier for the disc jockey, and in many cases they’re more than happy to take requests at these types of events as they’re far more casual.

Corporate Holiday Party

Larger businesses often book a DJ for party events. The DJ typically serves as Master of Ceremonies as well, announcing when the party will be getting started, when anyone will be giving a speech, or when other games or events will be starting or ending. The DJs for these events are often given a set list in advance that they’re allowed to play from, and may or may not be able to take requests. Typically they also have a do not play list, so that they can keep the atmosphere business appropriate. You may find more group dances at these kind of events, and fewer slow dances, for example, as the goal is to encourage mingling, but not the type that will get anyone dirty looks on Monday morning at the office.

Engagement Event

Engagement parties are typically smaller and more subdued, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no need for a DJ at all. A smaller DJ in the background playing classical music or music that’s important to the couple can be the perfect addition to the ambience, making for a great brunch or afternoon event. While you may be booking the DJ for a shorter period of time, they can still add quite a bit of romance to an already special occasion, allowing you to enjoy some special time with your friends and family to celebrate your engagement.

When you’ve decided to plan a special party, wedding reception, or engagement event, and you need to start a DJ search, be sure to see what’s available locally. You may find precisely what you need right in your own backyard, allowing you to hire the best before you need to search any further.

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