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When you think of some of the nicest weddings you’ve attended, chances are you remember the music. Often, music sets the tone for special events, allowing us to remember the way we felt at similar occasions. As you work with your DJ for wedding music, keep this in mind. There will be several parts to working with a DJ, including the following:

Choosing Songs for the Ceremony

It helps your ceremony go precisely as you’ve planned if you work with your DJ for wedding music in advance. Sit down and plan out a detailed set list for the ceremony, including entrance and exit songs and a specific bridal march. Otherwise, you may wind up with a traditional set list that the professional uses for all of their clients. While there’s nothing wrong with this, if you’re looking for something a bit different, it’s important to hash this out in advance.

Selecting Songs for the Reception

The same advice goes for the reception. If you’re looking to have specific songs played (or omitted) for your reception, you’ll need to tell your DJ in advance so that they can find the pieces for you. Otherwise, they’re likely to work through their traditional list. If you have a blended family or are estranged from certain family members, this may not work well if the DJ attempts to break into a Father of the Bride moment, so be sure to discuss the song list for the reception, as well as the order that you’d like the individual dances to go in. This gives your professional plenty of time to prepare.

Do and Do Not Play Lists

Are there specific songs that make you cringe every time you hear them? Or are there specific songs that you absolutely adore? This is information that a DJ for a wedding should know about. Make sure that they have a clear list of do and do not play songs, so that they’re well informed of what should and should not be played, even if they choose to honor requests. Then they can respond politely that the Bride or Groom has asked that that song not be played, or they can simply “forget” to play the song entirely.

Length of Reception

Be sure to book your DJ wedding music for the entire length you’ll need them, including the wedding ceremony and the reception. Include them in the headcount for food and drink, and if the reception goes over, be sure to compensate them accordingly. They’re doing the hard work of making your special day come together, after all, so make sure that they’re well taken care of.

You’ll also need to consider whether the DJs that you’re evaluating offer merely DJ services, or MC services as well. Most do both, but a few will insist that you hire a separate MC. When it’s time to look for a DJ for your special event, ask around carefully to determine what services are offered and choose a local DJ wedding music that offers the precise services that you need.

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