Wedding DJ near MeQuestions to Ask before Choosing a Wedding DJ near Me

When you’re evaluating weddings, it’s not as simple as running an internet search for “wedding DJ near me”. This will give you a basic list, but you’ll need to break that list down to DJs that work within your price range and that fit your needs. One of the best ways to do this is to come up with a pre-determined list to ask each DJ that you’re evaluating.

Let’s consider a few questions that you might consider adding to that list:

Ask to See a Wedding That They’re Working

One idea to consider is whether they’ll give you permission to attend a wedding that the DJ is already working. This will give you an idea of how the DJ operates, how well of an MC they are, and if they have the skills that you need in a wedding DJ.

Can They Play Songs that are Important to You?

If there are songs that are culturally important to you, especially sentimental, or matter a great deal to you as a couple or to your family, it’s important to work them into your ceremony or your reception. Well before your wedding, you’ll need to know if your DJ can obtain recordings of those songs, and if they’ll be able to gain the rights to play them for the ceremony and the reception.

Are They Familiar with Your Venue’s Acoustics?

As you research “wedding DJ near me”, you’ll also want to know if the DJ is familiar with the specific venue that you’ve chosen. Do they know the location? Are they aware of any odd acoustics it may have? Do they know if there are plugs if the location is outdoors, so that they can set up electrical equipment as necessary? Are they willing to make themselves familiar with the venue well before your wedding date?

What is Their Cancellation Policy?

Before you book your DJ, it’s important that you fully understand their cancellation policy. Be sure that you read anything that they give you fully, and that you understand the terms of any deposits that you provide them with and whether or not you can get them back if you need to cancel a wedding, engagement party, or other event related to the wedding. As always, read all papers thoroughly before signing anything, so that you’re not caught by surprise.

When you’re asking the question, who’s the best “wedding DJ near me”, it’s tough to make a decision. But if you take the time to ask some questions, you’ll learn important information about the various companies in your area, so you can choose the one that’s the best for your specific ceremony and reception. That will allow you to plan the wedding that’s best for you and your partner. When you’re ready to begin to start looking for wedding vendors, asking the important questions is a great way to learn about wedding DJs in your area. Contact us to learn more about the services that we offer.

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