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While weddings used to be simple occasions that consisted of vows and not much more, they’ve become far more interesting occasions in modern times. They’re often themed, highly decorated, or feature a wide variety of wedding entertainment for guests — both adults and children. No matter your budget, you may be able to swing one or more types of wedding entertainment, whether formal or casual.

Let’s examine several types, to see if any of them work for you, your partner, and your budget:

DJ: A DJ is a pretty common source of wedding reception entertainment. If you work with one in advance to plan out your wedding set list, you’ll find that you’re quite satisfied with the results that you wind up with. Be sure to be very clear about the list of songs that you’d like to have played, but also be clear about the songs that you don’t want played. That way you don’t end up with a song that “belonged” to you and an ex played at your wedding.

Photo Booth: Rental photo booths are growing more common at weddings. Typically they allow individuals to print out photos on site, but also to send themselves digital images through social networking sites or email. The companies provide a variety of props for wedding guests to enjoy as wedding entertainment, either as couples or groups, making for a fun souvenir of a special day.

Magician: For weddings where children are welcome, having entertainment is typically helpful. Otherwise, depending on the age, they can become a bit of a distraction. A magician is one excellent example of wedding entertainment for children that allows the bride and groom to focus on their special day, while guests still have a great time. Magicians can be booked well in advance for shows of about thirty minutes, allowing for some private photos to be taken, a toast, or some other special part of the ceremony to take place.

Puppeteer: A puppeteer can service the same purpose as a magician when it comes to wedding entertainment — distracting underage guests while a special part of the wedding occurs. Whether you need a few minutes for the wedding toast, to take some posed photos, or for another part of the wedding events entirely, these types of entertainment can help quite a bit.

Weddings need quite a bit of planning, and wedding entertainment is no exception. Depending on how long you’ve planned for the day to last, you may need to plan for a DJ alone, or you may need to plan for activities to fill in gaps throughout the day. When people get bored, they tend to wander off or cause chaos, so it’s a good idea to have an itinerary for the day, as well as entertainment to fill any dead spots in said schedule. Wedding entertainment will help with this issue, keeping children entertained and keeping the event moving along as planned. This will help your day move smoothly, so that you can have a stress free, memorable event.

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